Texas Toast

October 22, 2016

We're back from vacation and let's hope the Colts finish the vacation they've taken from coaching the past 2 weeks...

We talk a bit before the Bears game (2:35) then tailgate at MetLife on Sunday talking about the Bears game and the Houston game to come later (4:00) Then we catch back up at halftime during the Giants/Ravens game (5:25).

Then after that meltdown we get online for our post-mortem (12:00).  We talk about the non-controversy of Dwayne Allen's anthem ritual (15:46) Discuss Peyton for GM (17:15) Dive into some baseball talk (22:00).  How far we've sunk in the division (24:00). The false the Colts have given us this season (29:00).  Our hopes for the Pacers to save our sports year (31:31).  
If you haven't already check out the video from the Colts about Dwayne Allen's ritual for each game: http://www.colts.com/videos/videos/Dwayne-Allen-responds-to-criticism-for-kneeling-at-end-of-National-Anthem/101170b9-9f71-4f1a-a47c-c0b0485421b5

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