Rememberberry The TItans

November 22, 2016

Holy Memberberries!  With the 2006 squad in the house it looked like the Peyton-era Colts for a bit. But of course this is the Luck-Grigson-Pagano era so no win can come easy.

We talked at halfime about Adam's first missed kick of the year (1:24), our lack of Crowd Noise with the Luke (3:00), Our worries about giving up the lead (5:24).

Then we meet up on Monday afternoon. We talked BEFORE the news of Luck's concussion broke...

We talk history with Tennessee and Pittsburgh (10:10), the decision to kick on 4th and 1 at the end of the half (12:30), Luck's 2nd half drop-off (14:20), our lack of killer instinct (18:20) Preview the upcoming game against Pittsburgh and sad state of the AFC North & South (24:00)



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