London Falling

October 2, 2016

Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament, Can't Block, Can't Tackle, Can't Coach...

Tom and I talk a couple hours after the game to  talk about what went wrong starting with bad DB play (2:55).  Bad penalties (5:45) Why Luck couldn't get that 1 yard on 4th and 1 (9:33)  All of those drops (14:00) How banged up the O-LIne is (16:00) The future of the London Jaguars (18:30). 
We drown into what other coaches might be out there (20:30).  Whether or not we're ready to call this season a total bust (24:50). Can we actually pull through this in the next 4 games? (25:30)  
With football being so glum we get into some baseball talk and my uneasiness about the Cubs (27:00).  
Then we talk ourselves into the season turning around after this game.... (30:00)  The effect of concussions on former QBs who call games (32:15)

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